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2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

I have been living in my one bedroom apartment for a long time. I did not mind this because I was single so I did not need much space. However, when I got myself a girlfriend, she wanted to move in with me. There was no way that she and I would be able to live in a single bedroom apartment. We would have to upgrade to 2 bedroom apartments for rent. The extra bedroom could be used as an office.

We began our search for a two bedroom apartment by utilizing the internet. In particular, we used the website called Rent.com. I like rent.com because it allows you to search for apartments using a wide variety of filters. Also, if you find an apartment and lease it, they would give you a 100 dollar reward card. Since we wanted a 2 bedroom place, I set the filter to look for only 2 bedrooms. Then I set the filter to the particular area in town that I wanted to live. I did this by putting in the zip code. I was able to get a lot of results using this search method. Next we narrowed down the search even more by filtering the price. I did not want to find a place that was way out of my price range. At the same time, we did not want to get a place that was the cheapest because that usually meant that the apartment complex was not good.

After our research, we found a place that was right in price and the surrounding area was not too bad. So we took some time to go check the place out. Although the building was old, it was well taken cared of by the owner. The people living there seemed like nice people. The space in the apartment was actually pretty big. Both bedrooms had its own bathroom. That is good if we have guests that stay over. They could use the second bedroom to sleep and shower in. In the complex itself there was a pool and a gym. These were nice touches to the apartment. With all the pros of the apartment including the good price, we decided to go ahead and sign the lease.

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