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Affordable homes for rent near me


Houses For Rent Near Me

by Warren Jones · Published January 28, 2017

Sometimes you don’t want a house to buy but rather just rent one. There are plenty of renting options out there no matter your budget. You can splurge for something expensive or go for a cheaper and more budget friendly option.

Renting a house is usually a pretty quick process depending on your states laws. Buying a home can sometimes be more of a headache that will leave you wishing you renting instead. It’s also a great temporary choice if you do have interest in buying a home in the future. If you’re interested in renting a home, search Houses for rent near me to find your next new home!

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Is it important to find out where the deposit is?

It is actually very important to find out where your landlord will be holding your deposit. Landlords are usually required by law to protect a tenant’s deposit in a deposit protection scheme. That usually means that any deposits taken or carried over on new tenancies have to be protected in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme within 30 days. Failure to protect your deposit within the set time limit means that you can potentially take action by applying to court for an order. This order can force the landlord to either return the deposit or protect it in a scheme and can fine the landlord up to three times the amount of the deposit to be paid to you. If the landlord has not protected the deposit within the 30- day deadline, they cannot serve notice to end the tenancy until they have returned the full deposit or returned a lesser amount of the deposit with agreement from the tenant or a compensation claim that’s brought forward by you for non-compliance has been awarded or dismissed by the court, withdrawn by you or settled between the parties.

It’s important to know the basics before renting a home

Should you have everything in writing?

It’s in your best interest to ask for everything in writing. There is no legal requirement for an inventory or survey or even a tenancy agreement, so it can be important to ask for these things if they are not provided anyways. The landlord though is legally required to provide a gas safety certificate and has to provide in writing, the name, address, and contact details of the landlord on request. If you’re still interested in renting a home, search Houses For Rent near me.

Do you still have the same rights if you just rent a room?

Of course you still have the same rights if you’re just moving into a room instead of a house. A tenant in shared accommodations with other tenants and no residential landlord will have the same rights as any other assured short-hold tenant. They may have sole tenancy or joint tenancy with other tenants.

Houses For Rent Near Me – Houses For Rent Facts

It’s in your best interest to scope out the location of your new rental home. Things can always come up that you may not have known about and leave you wishing that you picked a new area. Do you want a quiet place but instead rented a home next to a busy area? It can be incredibly important to research the area and figure everything out. It’s also important to check out the crime and distance to everything within your homes radius.

Some rental homes do not allowed pets at all so don’t be surprised if they won’t allow you to rent because of your furry friend! Some rental places just charge a pet fee before you can bring in your pet just to cover anything that may happen. Ignoring the landlords rules can bring you dire consequences. Having a pet can be a breach of a tenancy agreement and it can lead to a possession action and eviction further down the line. If you’re still interested in renting, don’t forget to search houses for rent near me.

It can be important to see if your rental home contract contains a release clause. There are two different things you want to look out for when renting a house. A break clause means a “fixed-term tenancy can be ended at 6 months” but it can be quite important to look for specific wording of the clause to see the conditions, A release clause runs somewhat similar to a break clause but may involve the tenant paying a fee to release them from the agreement at any time. It also means the tenant has to find someone to replace them as well as paying off the fee.

Don’t ever be afraid to challenge any terms and conditions you’re not happy with. It can sometimes work but it usually has to be done before you sign the tenancy agreement. This can be applied to things such as the landlord’s repair obligations. Most repair obligations are legal requirements but the landlord can sometimes agree to additional repairs under the tenancy agreement. If the landlord is not willing to change the disputed terms, you should not enter into the tenancy.


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