Mar 27 2020

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Welcome to the CNET Smart Apartment

We’re testing the latest connected home devices, so you can find landlord-friendly ways to smarten up your rental.

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Latest News

Ecobee rumored to be launching a smart home camera

The company seems to still be competing with Nest.

How to clean your air fryer

Get your air fryer back to looking like new again with these steps.

Arlo’s smart doorbell doesn’t have a security camera

This connected buzzer has two-way audio, but you’ll need a separate Arlo cam to actually see who’s at your door.

GE’s stress tests puts refrigerators through the wringer

Stepping inside GE’s R&D facility gave me a glimpse of the bizarre world of appliance testing

Security cameras with facial recognition tech inside

Take a look at some of the home security cameras that scan faces and tell you who’s there.

Apple slices HomePod price to $299

The company has dropped $50 off the price of the smart speaker.

13 laundry organization tips you need to try

These tips will keep your laundry room tidy and make laundry day easier.

Tenants worry smart-home tech could be abused by landlords

Worst case, landlords could use smart locks to track and harass residents. And what if you just want a key?

Amazon, Google, AI and us: Are we too close for comfort?

Beyond facial recognition, we’re giving smart devices and platforms our intimate biometric details.

Arlo Audio Doorbell review: Audio-only smart doorbell is a bit too simple

The $80 Audio Doorbell seems like a great deal at first glance, but you’ll need a separate Arlo camera to stream live video.

Get John Legend to sing to you as your new Google Assistant voice

It’s easy to get famous crooner John Legend to talk to you if you’re using Assistant.

Gigantic, artsy LED light bulbs join the GE lineup

GE’s newest LED light bulbs are as big as your head and built to stand out.

Google Assistant launches first celebrity cameo with John Legend

The voice of the singer and songwriter will respond to a variety of questions through the Google Home and other Google Assistant devices.

Walmart will let you shop for groceries using Google Assistant

The service can also adapt to your shopping habits.

Sleeping with Somnox: Tossing and turning with this robot pillow

I spent a few nights curled up with this kidney-shaped breathing bot. Here are my thoughts so far.

Wyze Cam’s new friend: The $20 Wyze Sense security kit

Already have a Wyze Cam? Expand it with these crazy-inexpensive contact and motion sensors.

Facial recognition raises real ethical questions

Commentary: Capturing biometric data is questionable and largely unregulated. We should think twice before adding it to our smart homes.

SimpliSafe home security launches in the UK

The popular DIY home security pick is now available across the pond, with professional monitoring starting at £13 per month.

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