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That sounds a bit shoddy but maybe there are some missing data bits?

I suspect though you had 2 problems, one you may not know about. I suspect that the quote you got from Expedia was lacking the mandatory basic insurance? The price difference of $300 you are claiming from Expedia may be nothing more than the fact that Expedia knows nothing of car prices nor the somewhat unique vagaries of Costa Rican insurance (a government entity here called INS).

I did an entry on my blog on this a couple of days ago due to another guest complaining about a different car rental agency. The entry describes how car insurance works in Costa Rica. ……

If you tell us the car you rented, the duration, the insurance included and the price quoted it will be easy to see if they did indeed not quote the required insurance. Most of the Tier 1 car rental companies here have pretty similar prices like for like e.g. compact 2WD like a Yaris or medium 4WD like a RAV4. All of the car rentals have to charge the exact same price for the mandatory basic insurance for a like car and all have an optional additional insurance which I call zero deductible insurance in case you have a scrape.

Yelling at Expedia will be like pushing jello uphill. I believe Expedia took the prices given to them by the rental agency who neglected to include mandatory insurance (I am only guessing until you provide the detail of the rental)? Some of the agencies here do that, some do not and advertise with mandatory basic insurance – the correct price in other words since most people want to know the full price of a transaction before making a decision.



p.s. FYI statistically more than 70% of car rentals here (through the agency we are most familiar with) are done with the additional zero deductible insurance

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