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Car hire – Argus Car Hire – be careful


24 September 2010, 19:06

Rented a car through Argus Car Hire in Aug 2010 to collect from Almeria airport.

Booking process and price all ok, customer service absolutely terrible.

Our flight was delayed by 6 hours and when we arrived at the airport the local hire company didn t have a car for us. Apparently the small print in the Argus T Cs says you have notify the local hire company yourself when you are delayed for more than 2 hours. This is pretty difficult when you are stuck at the departure gate and don t have any contact details for the local hire company!

After being given a van for the day I had to return to the airport (4 hour round trip) and waste a whole day of my 1 week holiday waiting around at the airport to find they still didnt have a car for us. It transpired that they didn t have a vehicle for me in the first place regardless of the delay.

The Argus call centre told me to return the van, look for another company at the airport and that they sort something out on my return.

I had to pay for the one day I had the van with fuel costs and take out a second excess waiver insurance policy from the new hire company. When I called the insurance company booked through Argus from the airport and they told me that the policy from Argus was not transferable and that Argus should refund the money.

All very stressful when traveling with a heavily pregnant woman!

On my return when I wrote to Argus and gave them copies of all the paper work. They took 3 weeks to reply after regular and persistent chasing from me with a ridiculous response that they would refund nothing as I should have been happy with the van as it was more expensive than my original booking and that the insurance would have covered me on the second booking (despite the insurance company saying it didn t). I wrote back to complain again and ask for details on how to escalate my complaint they simply replied to say there was nothing more to say on the matter.

All I was asking for was a refund of the insurance and the original booking fee as I had been forced to make an independent booking outside of Argus. Why should they have earned any money out of this and leave me out of pocket?

What s most annoying is Argus s general obnoxious approach and complete disregard for our inconvenience. What terrible customer service.

I wish there was something I could do to take my complaint forward but I think all I can do is warn other prospective customers!!

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