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Car Hire Diesel Engine

Diesel Car Hire

Increasingly the engine type of the hire car is important to the customer not only in terms of the performance of the car but the costs of fuel. We at car hire .net offer guaranteed diesel vehicles from our chosen suppliers as do many other web companies so why would you and why do you have to pay extra for a guaranteed diesel hire car?

Why do is cost more for a guaranteed diesel vehicle.

Simply the costs of purchasing diesels for car hire fleets is more expensive than the petrol cars on offer. If we look at the current costs of purchasing a diesel Ford Fiesta (a popular choice in the Economy class for suppliers) against the base petrol model in the UK for example. The base model with a 1.25 petrol engine starts at £9,995 while the base diesel engine 1.4 TDCi pushes the base price up to £11,745. Move this increase up on larger models and you can see why getting a guaranteed diesel car costs more.

Also as the diesel cars in the fleet represent a minority of the overall vehicles available and couple this with the knowledge people will pay extra for a guaranteed engine type then they can charge a premium for them. They are safe in the knowledge that they can still rent them out to standard reservations knowing the diesel still has the same performance as a petrol model.

So why do people want a guaranteed diesel.

Mostly it is down the advantages a diesel engine has over petrol engines. The fuel economy is a major factor which people like either down to cost or environmentally reasons. Before you go though you should check out the fuel costs for both diesel and petrol as in the UK diesel is a higher cost per litre than petrol but the reverse is the case in the Republic of Ireland for example – this may have a bearing on your decision if fuel cost is key to your decision.

Many people have preconceptions of increase power or reliability of a diesel engine over the petrol counterpart. This is true historically but increasingly the new breed of petrol engine has addressed these concerns.

How to guarantee a diesel engine

Simply look out for the engine description in the car types on display. If the car type has the fuel type in the title then it is a guaranteed diesel vehicle on offer. As with any vehicle on display with any rental company or broker the car type though is an example. So if it says Ford Fiesta Diesel then there is a chance you could end up with a Renault Clio Diesel or similar.

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