Mar 17 2020

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Car rental companies


Car Rental Companies

I’ve been reading tons of forums on Trip Advisor about renting a car in Ireland, and it seems like there are so many conflicting responses and not one straight answer for best rental companies. My husband and I will be renting a car for a week – can anyone recommend the best rental company that they’ve had good experience with in Ireland? Should we rent a GPS or get wifi in the car and use our phones? Mainly looking for good car rental companies to go with that will not have any hidden fees and any other tips regarding car rental

Lindsay, there are things that everyone agrees on concerning car rental.

Read the Terms and Conditions very carefully so you know what to expect.

You need to decide what insurance coverage you will accept. The safest way to rent is to accept the excess coverage and not worry about scratches that you might incur. Be aware that glass and tyre is an additional insurance item.

Personally, I prefer to know exactly what the costs are before I leave home. In fact, I rent from Dooley and pay the entire rental 30 days prior to pickup. I know that the only charge I will pay at the counter is a deposit on a tank of fuel which will be refunded if I return it full. My understanding is that only Conn’s and Dooley make it easy to get a complete quote before pickup. Many companies seem to prefer selling the insurance at the counter on pickup. Not a comfortable position to be in after an all night flight.

I have to admit that after 25 years of traveling to the UK every year and using my credit card for the insurance, figuring out the rental policies in Ireland was confusing and irritating. Now, on my fifth month long rental, it doesn’t seem like a big deal at all.

Enjoy your trip!

Rental car companies in Ireland that I’ve had good experiences with:

Dooley, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, National, Budget and Sixt.

BUT — I carefully read ALL the Terms & Conditions EVERY trip, prior to making a reservation, so that I don’t suffer any shocks or surprises at the pick up counter — which comprise about 95% of all car hire complaints.

Are you buying ALL the insurances? If, so, go with whomever appeals.

Are you being quoted all the fees and costs? This is a tougher one — Dan Dooley (In particular, their USA based, New Jersey office — 1-800-331-9301) and a US based Hertz Agent ( ) are often praised for their detailed, exact quotes. Dooley offers both Full or Credit Card Coverage, but I think Conn only quotes Full Cover.

with car rental companies, all the majors have good reputations. however as mentioned above, check the t and c thoroughly. when people dont do this, they have a habit of posting complaints , rather than noticing that they overlooked something. you wont find a single company here (or in any other country) where there will be complaints about. but remember, 99.99 % of renters have no problems and so dont post on these fora. but the 0.01% that do complain, often have themselves to blame

moral. do your homework!

Never had an issue with Dan Dooley Car Rental and I have rented many times from them.

I don’t arrive in Ireland until May, but I selected Dan Dooley based on their reputation on these forums, their transparency when it comes to their rates and the rate they provided was very competitive.

Lindsay, another Dooley rental customer here and have never been surprised at pick up or drop off. my advice would be NOT to rent online but call their US/Canada toll free number 800 331 9301. the advantage is that you can ask as many questions as you need to, and you don’t have to pay the rental until 1 month before the date of your landing in Ireland. if you rent online it’s due at the time of booking.

paulkris did a great job of telling you the things lots of folks are surprised with at pickup.

Question for the recent /frequents Dan Dooley Renters:

I got a quote from Dan Dooley . I called them because of their reputaion and up fronts costs.

They quoted me “everything” : Excess plus Tryre and Glass!

After everyone talked about Terms and Conditions i took a look on their webisite for the info.

On there, they have a section about CDI Excess.. and a seperate Super Damage Waver (SDW)

Did that mean they did not Give me the SDW and there will be another charge ??

What is the price difference between Excess and SDW??

I thougth when i told them i want to know everything upfront. that was it??

The man i spoke to said that i was fully covered, and the my liabliltiy would be $100.

I want to make sure i am covered with no worry!

I have not paid yet.. when do they give me the exact info. with the T&C (maybe they were old terms?) to check? I beleived they said i get it when i pay?

In addition i saw there is a PIP additional charge for the Driver ONLY./.. do most people buy it?

Check with Conn’s Car Hire, formally I’ve had good dealings with most major carriers in Europe but as you’ve already been told check all T&C. Dan Dooley was bought out by Enterprise Friday but will continue as Dan Dooley. My best advise is go straight to the source and not a third party, ie., priceline or any such. They don’t usually give you the full price.

Don’t rent the GPS. You could buy 2 or 3 for what a week will cost you. If you really want one, buy an unlocked one from Amazon with Europe already downloaded or use an unlocked phone. Buy a SIM from Ireland with data and use that.

Thank you for your great advice. We looked into all of it and ended up going with Conn’s Car Rental. It was very easy, and we were charged exactly as quoted and knew what we would have to pay when we got there. We did our trip the first week of April. Great experience with getting the car rental through him (through Hertz). He gave us a free GPS coupon that he is offering so we were able to use that and used the GPS the whole time. He also gave us great advice on getting a wifi hotspot in the city of dublin instead of renting it (which we didnt end up doing, but nice he wanted to save us money!). The one issue we had with the car itself is we got a very tiny car with no electric locks, and the back doors did not have any normal locks like most cars – we even had some of my husband’s irish family who we visited our first night with the car come out and look at our car because we couldn’t figure out how to lock the back doors – no one could figure it out! They called Hertz and hertz told them it should have a normal lock that switches next to the handle (which it didn’t), so we emailed Conn and he arranged for us to be able to pick up a new car at our next location the next day (super responsive!). Before we left the next morning, one other person came to look at our car, and he figured it out – the lock was by pushing the inside door handle in the car the opposite direction that you do when you open it – it was so odd – none of us had seen that before – but we were able to figure it out and all was smooth sailing from there. Would definitely use Conn again!! Thank you everyone for the great advice!

there was no need to change companies. LOL. with what you listed and the fact you only had a €100 deductible, you had all the insurances including super cdw. not doubt conn’s will be fine too.


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