Jan 31 2017

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It’s the same story every new semester — you get your class syllabi, find out what books you’re going to need and head to the campus bookstore or maybe an online resource to buy them. However, it makes a big difference where you choose to shop. The question of where to buy textbooks might seem like no big deal, but finding the best place to buy textbooks online can save you a lot of time, money and energy. Textbooks can get pricey fast, and nobody wants to spend their college budget on hefty books if they don’t have to. That’s why, when you want to buy textbooks cheap and easy, there’s no better resource than TextbookRush. We offer a huge selection, great prices, fast shipping and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every item you buy — what more could you want?

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At TextbookRush, we’re proud to offer a great selection of the most popular textbooks used in schools, from useful study guides and workbooks to traditional books. Stop spending a fortune on campus textbooks and come to us. Our huge stock gives you what you need when you need it — and at prices you’ll love. Nobody should have to spend a fortune on books for school. Let TextbookRush save you money through our low prices and free shipping on all orders over $35.

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  • Great prices
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  • Environmentally friendly option that involves re-using existing books
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

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Our catalog includes new, used and international books — and international editions can save you up to 60 percent off list prices. Since the United States Supreme Court considers international editions of books fully legal to sell in America, buying them is a great way to get the same content at a reduced price. Learn more about international editions

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Whether you’re ready to order books for a new set of classes or looking for something fun to read in your spare time, feel free to browse our selection. We’re more than the best place to buy cheap textbooks — we’re also the best place to hunt for novels, bestsellers, international editions and more. Check out our bestsellers by category

Think of TextbookRush as your online campus bookstore, with better prices and more convenience than you’d ever thought possible. We’re here to be your one-stop resource for buying, selling and even renting textbooks online. We have a massive selection of books to meet your class needs and are happy to buy back titles from you in exchange for cash or store credit. What’s more, we even offer the option to rent textbooks you already know you won’t want to keep long term, saving you more money in the process. There’s no question that finding the books you need is easier than ever when you come to us — browse our online catalog to learn more.


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