Jan 31 2017

Cheap Textbooks – Up to 97% Off #flats #for #rent #uk

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Cheap Textbooks Up to 97% Off

Cheap textbooks can save college students a lot of money every semester. checks dozens of major textbook sellers online with just one simple search and presents you with the best prices including shipping costs. You can shop with confidence that you will be getting a great price because our search checks what s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Half, Chegg, and more cheap textbooks sellers.

How to Find Cheap Textbooks

Just enter the book title, author, keywords, or ISBN number above to start searching for cheap textbooks. You have the option of buying used textbooks or new textbooks or renting textbooks. but the cheapest textbooks are usually the used or rental versions. You also can compare prices on digital textbooks (etextbooks) and international textbooks. Cheap used textbooks are just as effective in the classroom as new textbooks when they have the same information within.

How Much You Can Save With Cheap Textbooks

Textbooks can cost anywhere from $5 to $300, but the average new college textbook price is about $100. When you shop for cheap textbooks. you can drop that average down significantly with used books. In fact, the average price paid for a textbook is just $44 across our network of textbook sites. If you are taking 5 classes each semester for 3 semesters per year, you could potentially save $50 per book times 5 books times 3 semesters = $750 per year! Just imagine what you could do with all of that extra money you are saving while going to college and using cheap textbooks.

How to Choose the Cheapest Textbooks

Just search for your books here at of course! Select the book you need and then review our Summary of Lowest Prices. The book merchants are conveniently sorted from low to high pricing on each kind of the book (new, used, rental, ebook, and international edition). If you need personalized help in finding cheaper textbooks, just contact us and we ll do the search for you, for free!

Example of a Cheap Textbook Larson Edwards Calculus

For Ron Larson Bruce H. Edwards Calculus (ISBN 10: 0547167024 and ISBN 13: 9780547167022), the list price is $236.95. If you searched for this textbook on our website in October 2012, you d see a rental price of $47.32. That is 80% off the list price! This is just one example of many cheap textbooks you can find by comparing prices on

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