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Colorado college map

Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs

A campus in Ski Town USA, where potential looms like the summit of Mount Werner

True to its rural roots, Steamboat Springs oozes that classic spirit of Colorado’s mountain towns. But this legendary cowboy haven isn’t all dust and spurs. As a modern-day hotbed for startup companies, Steamboat Springs is the perfect place to breathe life into your ideas and make your dreams a reality.

In order to fit the demands of surviving in a resort town, Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs provides flexible course schedules and access to real-life work experiences. Flex your culinary skills at a five-star restaurant. See sustainability in action. And most importantly, don’t shelve your powder passion; turn it into your career with the first-ever SIA Certification program.

To broaden your horizon even further, CMC, with support from Routt County and the Steamboat Springs Chamber, operates the Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center. Combine workshops and business mentoring with your choice of associate’s and bachelor’s programs, and you’ve got a foolproof path to success. Now that’s legendary.

CMC Steamboat Springs Videos

CMC Steamboat Springs Multimedia Campus Tour

Created by CMC Isaacson School multimedia students.

Map & Contact

Explore degrees offered at CMC Steamboat Springs

Credit or non-credit, find your next Steamboat Springs class


Meet the CMC Steamboat Springs Faculty and Staff


Live on campus and experience mountain life and learning

“I finished two Bachelor’s degrees in three years, I could not have done it without the help of my professors and counselors, it was a team effort. That’s what I love about CMC, the sense of community.”

– Chris Richardson,
Bachelor’s of Applied Science and
Business Administration graduate

Map & Contact

Upcoming Events

CMC Art Share presents “Impressions in Ink”

Ethics in Business and Sustainability Scholarship Competition

Sustainability Conference

Housing at Steamboat Springs

Learn about the housing options at CMC Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area.

Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center

The YVEC provides an incubator space for entrepreneurs focused on launching their business.

Steamboat Springs Webcam

Sustainability at Colorado Mountain College

In 2009, CMC signed onto the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. The college’s current Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Action Plan direct the college to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 12.5% every 5 years until carbon neutrality is reached in the year 2050.

CMC Steamboat Springs Green Team

Students, staff, and faculty on the Steamboat Springs campus are working hard to advance sustainability. Notable actions include:

  • Running the Real Food Challenge calculator in our cafeteria
  • Recycling study and waste audit as well as a pilot program with centralized trash and recycling and classroom based recycling education
  • Presentation on the recycling study at the 2017 conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Participation in the Rocky Mountain Land Management Internship
  • Creation of Bear Park permaculture garden and permaculture classes

We are proud of all of our achievements and committed to advancing the Sustainability Action Plan through sustainable efforts for our campus and community.

Track Energy Use and Spending at CMC Buildings

The Building Energy Navigator tracks energy use and energy spending on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. The site displays data for 19 CMC buildings including our three residence halls.

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Steamboat Springs

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