Feb 12 2019

Exclusive Health Lead, health insurance leads.

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health insurance leads

Health insurance leads

How our Exclusive Health Insurance leads are generated:

All of our Exclusive health insurance leads are produced using telemarketing. We contact small to medium sized business owners for our clients during normal business hours Monday-Friday. All of our group health insurance leads are 100% exclusively made for you, and are exclusive for a minimum of 60 days.

We generate interest and gather all the necessary info in order for you to be able to prepare a quote.

All of our group health insurance leads are audio recorded so they can be check and verified by our quality control team before they are sent to you and are available to you as well if there ever is a problem or discrepancy on a lead.

Exclusive Telemarketing Group Health Insurance Leads – Finding a reputable Telemarketing insurance coverage lead supplier is a difficulty to state the least. We at Lead Hustler have a long tested performance history of premium exclusive telemarketing medical insurance leads (individual/family-group) that get outcomes! We presently deal with, Group Health Insurance brokers all over the USA and are having significant outcomes with our unique telemarketing group medical insurance sales leads.

We at Lead Hustler refuse to take any routes in how we develop the Group medical insurance leads for our customers as we comprehend you require a sale-able customer on every one of our exclusive group health insurance leads . As far as our technique we utilize a basic and straight forward sales call to self-employed small company owner approximately 50 staff members or greater to produce interest and collect all essential details for you to have a concept of exactly what will certainly work very well for your quickly to be brand-new customer.

We can likewise let the potential customer understand you by “First and last name” will certainly be calling them back so you have actually that added integrated connection when you call them. There is no requirement to continuously fret and examine your e-mail and have to call the possibility back the 2nd they strike your inbox as our Group health insurance coverage leads are 100 % specifically ready simply for you.

Having a constant performance history of 30 % close ratio for our Group Health Insurance Leads customers has actually gotten us a high broker reorder rate! Take a look at why we are various from other lead program you have actually utilized prior to and a long-term headache complimentary option to your lead requires now and in the future!

Lead Hustler is an aggressive outbound lead generating and telemarketing sales leads company that saves you money and time by doing the hard dirty work of cold/appointment setting for your business. More leads equals more money!

In 100% commission sales time is money. All sales professionals know that leads are the life blood of any sales organization. In order for sales people to generate revenue they need to spend a majority of their time selling, and less time prospecting or cold calling. This is the exact reason various sales organizations contact us!

When sales are down the solution is simple call Lead Hustler. Our agents will deliver your message to prospective clients, handle their objections, and get interested prospects for your sales reps to CLOSE!

Our company handles many different sales campaigns and we would love to hear about yours! Feel free to call us or email us with your ideas and we can prepare a quote for your campaign!

Health insurance leads

Our telemarketing aged health leads are made using the highest standards by contacting small business owners and self-employed people. You first need to know the process of how we make the exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads to see the quality and high standards to see why then our aged health leads are so effective.

We collect the info you need (currently insurance and with whom or not, business owners full name or person in charge, business phone, date of birth or ages of all to be insured, tobacco usage, email, all of our leads are screened for major medical issues and make sure the client agrees to a call from a broker) Since we guarantee the exclusivity of our leads for 60 days all of our aged leads are 90+ days aged or more before eligible for this aged health lead offering.

Health insurance leads

We offer the full array of exclusive telemarketing Health Insurance lead options for the different needs of our clients and corporate health lead buyers. Live call transfers(LCT) are just one other lead styles we offer, most often used by call center insurance brokerages houses and also can be used by reps that work from home and sell online in multiple states.

The process and script we use to make our live call transfers leads is identical in how we make our exclusive telemarketing health insurance leads. At the end of the script were we would let them know a broker by name will be calling them back, we instead ask them if they would like to talk with an insurance consultant now.

Once the prospect agrees we transfer the call and upon answering we introduce both parties and then exit the call. We tape all our live call transfers calls as well and any audio file can be requested from us at any time.

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