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Affordable when measured by this key ratio.

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How to Find Inexpensive Houses – Updated July, 2014 – What to look for and how to quickly find the information you need.

Houses Versus Condos in Southern Florida – Whether you are moving to southern Florida to retire or for work, or just looking for a second home in a warmer environment, if you are buying rather than renting you have a choice to make. Will you buy a house or a condominium? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and you’ll find them explained below. Our comparison is based on six. Continue reading here.

Ten Ways to Increase Rental Income – If you own a few rental houses, an apartment building, or other residential income properties, you would probably like to increase your net income. Who wouldn’t? And the obvious way to boost your profit is to just. Continue reading here.

Selling Tip – When selling a property, you should almost always put the price in the advertising. This keeps unqualified buyers from wasting your time. Also, many potential buyers just pass over ads without prices because the ones with prices are more interesting. The only reason agents skip the price sometimes is that selling your property is not any more important than getting a phone call from a curious buyer who will buy some property.

Lower Deposit – What if you don’t want to tie up cash in an earnest money deposit for an offer that may not be accepted? Make it a two-part deposit. Give $1,000 in earnest money, for example, but specify in the offer that this will be increased to $3,000 once the offer is accepted, or an inspection, appraisal or other contingency is met. This keeps your money from being tied up until you know that the seller is serious about selling to you.

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Real Cost of Buying a Home – How to properly compare your options.

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