Apr 3 2020

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Rental.Us.Com helps landlords and property managers to fill their rental vacancies quickly. We feature available home rentals, apartment rentals, townhome rentals, and condo rentals. We believe location is very important when searching for the perfect rental property. Besides featuring available rental properties, we have provided informative rental articles for both renters and landlord.

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The rental listing process is designed to allow you to capture carefully all the benefits of your rental property, which will increase the likelihood that renter will want to view your property. You may list unlimited rental properties, upload up to 12 pictures, obtain maximum visibility, and receive potential tenant leads for up to 45 days.

Do not be surprised if you receive a lead shortly after posting your listing. This is due to all the renters who are actively searching for your rental and have created preset notification filters. Do not let your rental remain vacant for one more day. List your property now and obtain the visibility you need to find the perfect renter.

Apartment Hunting: Picking the Right One

Are you apartment hunting? Are you worn out yet? Unless you managed to stumble across an awesome apartment, in a prime location, with the perfect rent, you have probably looked at quite a few apartments. Now, with all these apartments spinning around in your head, can you even remember the one that you looked at first?

Fortunately, there is a way to be organized when it comes to apartment hunting. When you are organized, it makes it much easier for you to pick the right apartment for you. First, you want to take notes. Second, you want to consider your budget. Third, you want to consider the location. Fourth, and finally, you want to consider any perks the apartment or the apartment complex has to offer.

Even though it might remind you of grade school, you should take notes when you are looking at different apartments. If you printed out info sheets, then you can jot down notes on these. You should check out property listing sites. You can often print the page for a specific property, and it will include all the basic information like the address, the rent, the number of bedrooms, etc. Then all you have to do is take note of anything else that you either like or dislike.

So, where is the apartment? Is it close to your university? Is it close to your office? Is it close to your child’s school? Can you walk to the grocery store or a restaurant? How far do you have to drive to reach the nearest shopping center or your bank? You want to consider the apartment’s location, and the resulting impact on your transportation costs.

What can you afford? If you only make $1000 a month, you don’t want to pay more than $400 in rent. Typically, you want your rent to be no more than 30 to 40 percent of your monthly income. Will you need a roommate? You also have to consider what’s included in your rent. For example, you might be able to take on an apartment that costs $500 a month if it includes utilities.

Finally, does this apartment or apartment complex have anything special to offer? Is there a pool, a fitness center, or a playground for the kids? Do you get free cable? Do you have large, walk in closets? Do you have a washer and dryer in every unit? Many apartments can provide for your basic needs, but the extra amenities an apartment has can often make it or break it for you.

When you break it down and consider all of these aspects of the potential apartment, it’s often easier to decide which apartment works best for you. So, take a deep breath, take notes, and take the time to find something that truly works for you.

Single Family Homes

A Single family home is a residential building that is usually occupied by one family. The building resides on a single lot and does not share an inside wall with any other residential dwelling. The land surrounding the house is usually large and is commonly referred to as a yard though the size of the yard changes depending on where the house is constructed and how close it is to a city. Older homes typically have a garage overlooking an alley however newer homes are built with an attached garage facing the street.

Single family homes are mainly preferred by folks with big families. In addition, they typically carry no extra charges associated with apartments, condos and townhouses. The exception to this rule is home owner association fees (HOA Fees). HOA fees are something you may or many not be responsible for. The details will be found in the lease agreement and it is a good idea to ask the property manager to explain your responsibilities under the lease and then carefully read the lease agreement yourself. In general, a landlord will be very happy to explain all the parts of the lease as they do not want you moving into their home before you fully understand the financial responsibilities.

Start your search for the perfect single family home rental by performing a few quick geographical searches on our website. If you don’t find the perfect property immediately, consider creating a free account where you can set notification parameters that will save you time and assist you in your search.

The following tables details featured listings and rental statistics where enough data is available.

Condo Rentals

If you prefer to live in more luxurious accommodation then we recommend a condo. A condominium (condo) is an individually owned house in a residential multi-level building where the renter is only responsible for the space inside their walls while the common area is managed by the developer and or the homeowners association. Maintenance of the common area is usually charged in the rent and managed under strict regulations.

In the past condos were usually sold instead of rented. However, with the recent surge in real estate investments, numerous condominiums have been built in all the major cities over the past two decades. The abundance of condos and the downturn of the economy have collided to create an extremely unfavorable environment where most real estate owners now prefer to rent. This has also worked to the benefit of renters who can now live in luxury at a more reasonable price. Most people are taking advantage of this by renting condos.

Renting a condo can be challenging. More specifically, the board of homeowners has to approve you before the owner accepts your application. So why do people like to rent a condos? Aside from the high-end finishes mentioned above, tenants enjoy more amenities. Tenants therefore enjoy an overall higher standard of living especially when the association runs the building smoothly.

At we are working to become the leading advertising website for renters looking for condos. We will help you find the perfect condo with the right amenities.


A loft is a large open space under a roof often converted to residential use from other uses. Most lofts today are apartments that were originally built from industrial buildings. Initially popular with creative artists, they are now being sought-after by all kinds of people. Lofts started coming up ascribable to the need to convert non-economically viable industrial buildings into profitable residential houses. However increasing demand for such spaces has influenced real estate developers to begin constructing lofts especially in cities where there is need for more houses and a lack of space. In order to differentiate between the two, developers sometimes use hard lofts to describe commercial buildings that have been converted and soft lofts to describe loft-style buildings built entirely to be used as houses.

Other types of lofts include the live/work loft. This is a space designed to be used as a residential house as well as a business premise. This saves the city space and the renter money.

Due to hard economic times, attics which are just upper rooms of buildings used for purposes such as storage have been converted into lofts. The major difference between an attic and a loft is that an attic occupies the entire floor of a building while a loft is usually a few rooms. This is a common trend especially with homeowners trying to create more living areas or to rent them out to tenants.

As stated before, lofts can mostly be found in highly populated cities where manufacturing industries once thrived. For example, in Manhattan after the conversion of the Meat Packing District and in Los Angeles. Lofts are therefore the best option if you are looking to live in an upper class neighborhood but you cannot afford a high rent.

Aside from being relatively affordable units located in affluent neighborhoods, lofts offer the advantage of being in or near the city. Lofts also have superior finishes compared to apartments. Most feature high ceilings, double-hung windows, state-of-the-art architectural designs and exposed brick walls.

Looking for lofts to rent? See how convenient it is to find the right loft for you through Just enter your target city and begin browsing.

Townhome Rentals

Are you confused about the wide range of houses available for rent? Do you think you need a bigger house than an apartment for your family? Maybe a townhome is your best option. townhomes share some common characteristics with garden apartments in that they have their own building entrance. Sometimes a few apartments can share the same foyer/stairwell at each entrance. Unlike garden apartments, townhomes occupy more than one level in a building.

A townhome enjoys all the features of an apartment, the living standards of a condo but still carries all the benefits of a home. Townhomes can boast a yard, large kitchen, garage and several fireplaces. The renter is responsible for his townhome as well as the land it sits on. Depending on where the townhome is located in the community, maintenance may be included. You can learn more details by carefully reading the property descriptions.

Most townhomes are either two or three bedrooms. Although less expensive than fully detached houses, a townhome is meant to reflect the high status of the person living there. Impressive in their architecture, townhomes offer a unique blend of comfort, luxury and beauty.

With a private entrance, designer furniture, central air conditioning, walk-in closets, a pool, hardwood or tile floors, a townhouse is the way to go. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect townhome.


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