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Fitbit – Charge 2 Activity Tracker + Heart Rate (Large) – Teal Silver

Fitbit Next-Gen! Posted by: Furyspectre from: on This is an incredible upgrade from the Fitbit Charge HR. The new screen is very useful and way more fun to use. I can see so many stats now and find myself looking at my phone a lot less. The best feature is notifications of phone calls and text messages. You can’t read them but you can at least determine if the text or call os urgent or not. As far as tracking, this is 100x more accurate with activity tracking. As far as steps are concerned, they are dead accurate with my phone counter (assuming I care both at the same time all day) I wasn’t loyal to fitbit before this device, but now I expect to have this for another 2 years. I like how I can replace the bands so over time I can upgrade or switch out my worn one. Great product from fitbit!

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Great tracker Posted by: LesMif from: on I purchased this product for my husband since he wanted to track his steps. He absolutely loves it. He isn’t really a gadget type of guy so was perfect. It displays the time, steps, heart rate, see text msgs, see who is calling when u are near your phone and so much more. It even has a silent alarm which works great to wake up in the morning without waking up everyone else. If you download the Fitbit app you see all your stats and can do a few more things on there too. He has forgotten to take it off a few time when he washes the dishes and shower so it has gotten wet but it still works great.

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Charge 2 – Saved my Life Posted by: GadgetGizmo from: on For years I have been seeing a doctor to see why I have always been tired and depressed. After wearing the fitbit for a little over a month, I was armed with new information that would change my life. When I received my first monthly review from Fitbit, I noticed a pattern in my sleep (or should I say lack of sleep). With this new information (See Photos Below), along with the daily heartbeat summery, I was able to show this never before available information to my doctors. They recoginized the interupted sleep pattern and the low pulse rates (42 bpm) throughout the night. I was sent for a sleep study which only confurmed what the Fitbit 2 had already told us. My heartrate was dropping during the night to a point that would wake me up multipule times keeping from going into a R.E.M. sleep. With a slight change in my medication, I have been sleeping better and my mood and ability to function during the day has dramatically increased. I know the Fitbit Charge 2 has many features like step counter, Exercise Tracker, Fluid Intake, Smart Scale, Heart Rate Moniter, Smartphone Notifications with Calls-Texts-Calender alerts, Alarms and of course the Sleep Monitor. For whatever your reason to purchase the Fitbit Charge 2, you wont be disappointed. It is a sold at a very reasionalbe price for what you get, and with the full weight of Best Buy “Geek Squad” behind you, it is a bargan and you will come to depend upon this every day. I feel naked without it. Get a Fitbit Charge 2 “TODAY”. “IT WILL CHARGE YOU LIFE”.

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Love Love Love. Posted by: MoMac from: on I am loving this new Fitbit. It’s a great improvement on the already great Fitibit Charge. My favorite features are the 250 step reminder and the added exercise tracking (biking, elliptical, etc). Also it looks even nicer and I’m happy we can alternates bands finally.

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Worth upgrading Posted by: sumo from: on have owned Fitbit products over last few years and usually upgrade every summer. I had high hopes for Blaze, but it was a disappointment. But the Charge 2 is worth upgrading from Charge 1. The bigger display is intuitive, but is a fair bit thicker too. There’s a same old button on the left-hand side of the tracker that is used to skip through the menu options, such as steps, time, heart rate, and calories. One nice improvement is that the band can now be swapped out quickly and easily by pulling at the edges of the band around the tracker. Charge 2 can still not be weared while swimming, but it is water-resistant, so you’ll be able to sweat on it or run with it in the rain without having to worry about water damage. The biggest addition to the new tracker is Multi-Sport tracking. This was a feature introduced on the Fitbit Blaze last year, and allows you to track seven individual sports including running, walking and yoga. For the sporty-minded, this is the big reason to go for the Charge 2 over one of the older devices. There’s also a new Guided Breathing feature, which will monitor your heart rate for 30 seconds and then set you a breathing challenge to help it improve. Overall the Fitbit Charge 2 isn’t a massive advance on the Fitbit Charge HR the heart rate tracking tech was already there, and the design has improved a bit.

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Worth the upgrade Posted by: VPeg from: on I upgraded from the Charge HR. Love the bigger screen and the fact that I can now get reminders to move. It is a good device to help me keep active and motivated. I would definitely recommend the Fitbit charge 2.

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Great upgrade Posted by: Jspayne from: on I had a Fitbit Charge HR but decided to upgrade to the Fitbit Charge 2. The new one is great. It reminds me to get up and move and even has an option for relaxing. You can even change the band. I love the bigger screen and that it looks more like a watch. I’m so glad I made the change.

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Fitness accountability is great Posted by: Renee from: on Best purchase ever to assist with my goal of staying active

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First Fitbit Posted by: Ajax2112 from: on Really enjoying this fitness tracker. Spent months looking into different variants. Was settled on the original Charge HR, but found that the 2nd version was just released. Step tracking is on point, HR monitor seems to be pretty spot on. Tried on a wrist cuff, on one arm, while band was on other. Only slight con I have is battery life, but it does meet the advertised 5 days. However, phone notifications need to be off, to reach this. Would recommend to others, especially if this is their first fitness tracker purchase.

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Great for average health nuts Posted by: gobbledeegoop from: on Having had many different fitness trackers, the new Charge 2 is definitely my favorite. I’m glad Fitbit has updated the model to allow for interchangeable bands as well as a display that is actually useful. The battery (when you aren’t syncing the data all day) lasts a solid 5-7 days, depending on how many times you’re using your screen and how often you are syncing. The heart rate monitor seems to work better than the last version, and I absolutely love the relax mode (guided breathing 2 or 5 minutes).

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