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Flavia Creation 400 Coffee Machine

This FLAVIA hot drinks vending machine has a compact and sleek design, which fits effortlessly into any workplace. It will inspire customers and staff alike with its great tasting drinks. The best part is that it can be used seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There’s no cleaning up and no mess, no matter how many drinks you brew. It’s easy to use and will be hugely popular with everyone in your workplace, whatever time of the day it is.

Coffee machine rental

Serves Great Tasting Drinks

  • Coffee machine rental Freshpack
  • Coffee machine rental Coffee
  • Coffee machine rental Cappuccino
  • Coffee machine rental Latte
  • Coffee machine rental Hot


  • Coffee machine rental Tea
  • Coffee machine rental Herbal Tea
  • Why Choose Us?

    • Coffee machine rental

    We will not be beaten on price.

  • Coffee machine rental

    Take time to enjoy the quality of our products and trial your favourite teas and coffees

  • Coffee machine rental

    All enquiries will be entered into our Monthly Draw

  • Coffee machine rental

    throughout the UK

  • Coffee machine rental

    by our expert technicians

  • Coffee machine rental

    by our coffee machine experts

    Great Leasing Options

    • FREE Merchandiser
    • FREE 5yrs Servicing
    • FREE Training

    Machine Highlights

    Coffee machine rental

    Perfect For All Workplaces

    Coffee machine rental

    Cutting edge drinks technology

    Coffee machine rental

    Hassle Free High Performance

    Coffee machine rental

    Energy Efficient Reliable

    Coffee machine rental

    • Industry leading technology
    • A drinks range to suit every taste
    • User friendly, intuitive interface
    • Simple to maintain
    • Energy efficient design

    Pay Only For Drinks

    Simple and economical, with our Pay only for Drinks offer,

    we take the normal machine rental and servicing costs and dissolve them into the price of your drinks – it’s that easy.

    • NO Separate Lease or Rental
    • NO Separate Maintenance
    • NO Capital Outlay

    Want to know more?

    Coffee machine rental

    Coffee machine rental

    Coffee machine rental

    Delicious drinks from trusted quality brands

    The freshest and finest coffee, leaf tea and hot chocolate from brands and carefully selected growers around the world.

    Call Now On 0808 250 9417

    • Coffee machine rental
    • Coffee machine rental
    • Coffee machine rental
    • Coffee machine rental
    • Coffee machine rental

    Coffee machine rental

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    To keep your workplace running smoothly, FLAVIA® machines deliver hassle-free convenience. They have been designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today’s busy workplace.

    The simplicity of the machine and its method of drinks delivery means that FLAVIA® can save you time and effort, especially when compared to other hot drinks machines on the market.

    The FLAVIA® CREATION 400™ is easy to use, convenient and clean. Its intuitive yet simple interface means that you get an inviting, positive drinks experience right from the start. Drinks are delivered in seconds, so making the perfect cups of great tasting ALTERRA™ coffee and THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ tea couldn’t be easier or quicker.

    FLAVIA® freshpack

    Each FLAVIA drink uses a ‘freshpack’ to contain the product. You can simply pop these freshpacks into the machine and your drink of choice will be brewed instantly.

    The unique FLAVIA® freshpacks ensure that drinks retain their freshness, aroma and taste for an average of 9 months, meaning you’ll spend less time organising stock and will be able to enjoy fresh teas, coffees and hot chocolates for longer.

    The best bit is that because all the work happens inside the freshpack, with no contact to other elements of the machine, cleaning takes a fraction of the time required by other vending machines.

    With industry leading reliability and having been in the vending machine business for over 25 years, FLAVIA® systems are some of the best. You can be sure that delicious drinks are on demand whenever and wherever you want them.

    Coffee machine rental

    Coffee machine rental

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