Oct 26 2017

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“You guys are amazing”
Elderly parents moving up to be close to their kids bought a new home, only problem is that the master shower was too small. I mean it was so small they couldn’t fit in the walk-in part. Heaven forbid they fell in there. We attacked with a plan and are in the middle of an expeditious project that the new home builder wanted nothing to do with. They used the fast & great model. Using Universal Design principals, we are making one more home usable by all abilities and sizes. JL

Elisa V. /

“I slept better last night”
Their home caught fire December 9th 2015. 12-22-16 in my office while signing an agreement to move forward “We have been struggling with an insurance claim and contractor for over a year. We finally fired them like you had suggested 7 months ago. I honestly slept better knowing you were taking over the project soon and will get us back into our home at long last.”

Ray S. /

“My tile has a weird film on it”
We had remodeled their bathroom struggling through several frustrations like materials not showing up when promised that delayed the project. I flinched when we got a message that something was wrong. I arrived with the tile setter and we discovered a leak. Our plumber tore into the project where we discovered a faulty drum trap and a leak. We had to tear into her wall to eventually fix it all up. No charge for the repair. We still have a few minor things to fix and will get to them shortly.


“Thank you so much for helping me out”
As I was being hugged these were the words she said to me. She was 30 days into a project that seemed to be never ending. The handyman she hired was way over his head and asked to be let go. A past client of ours referred her and suggested she call me, and that I would take care of her. I arrived and took the project over exceeding her expectations in every way. We are scheduled to be done in 2 weeks. This is what makes the world go round, Thank you Mike E. JL

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“My hardwood floors are damaged!” While remodeling a home and relocating their air conditioner, our HVAC company loaned our clients a portable air conditioner. Unaware of how the darn thing works, without instructions, it poured the condensate water onto the floor. They then moved it to a different room and did the same thing ruining the floor in two places. We refinished their floors for them. My clients were apologetic and appreciative of how we handled it professionally. As terribly upset as I was about the situation my HVAC company stepped up and helped pay for the damage. JL

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“Hey there is a lien on my home!”
We inadvertently had a lien placed on a clients home by a vendor that was not paid in a timely fashion. It is the vendors right to do that and we have little control over it. Sadly the client found out about it shortly after it was paid off. I exposed the facts and shared a copy of the release documentation. The client appreciated our honesty and attention to detail and was unharmed by the issue. Business is not always clean and neat. When we screw up we admit it, fix it and move on. JL

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