Feb 13 2017

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There is currently no development for this plugin. If you want to be a developer, check out the git repo and contact me Solivero

Houses is a house system for servers who want to allow their players to buy,sell and rent houses. Buying, selling and renting houses is easily done by clicking custom signs. A player who owns or rented a house will be able to open the house door, while others can not. Signs are automatically linked with iron doors. Houses have class and number.

The house class is how good they are, for example class 1 would be the best house available and class 4 a decent house.

The house number is like an apartment number. A class might have many similar or even copies of houses working as apartments. A skyscraper could be one class containing many numbers.

Admins can add and remove house owner from the database manually to have complete control of who own which house. Admins and/or other players with permission are the ones putting up the signs next to the house (iron) doors.


  • Buy and sell houses with signs
  • Rent houses with signs
  • Players can rank up/down depending on what house they buy
  • Automatically set the class prices through the config file
  • Display house owners, prices and info
  • Guest system
  • Home teleportation
  • Teleport to any house
  • Massive sign changes to make room for new classes
  • Multiworld support
  • Database synchronization for massive sign edits and restore and ranks correction
  • Backup system

Commands and Permissions

Head over to the Commands and Permissions page for a list of commands and their permissions

Written by CREDIT