Jun 25 2017

Houses for Rent in Massachusetts. #top #video #rentals

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Homes for Rent in Massachusetts

Explore Houses for Rent in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a quintessential New England state, thanks to its rich history, early colonial origins and distinctive atmosphere. The state lies on the northeastern coast of the U.S. neighboring Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. Boston is the most well-known city in Massachusetts, though Worcester. Quincy. Springfield and Lowell are also notable locations. Homes for rent in Massachusetts can appeal to renters who want to live in the midst of early American history or simply want to enjoy the beautiful New England landscape.

Intriguing Things for MA Renters to Know

  • Somerville, a neighborhood of Boston, was among the first sites in the U.S. to receive a telephone line. The telephone was presented in Boston in 1876 by its inventor, Alexander Graham Bell.
  • The Boston Public Library has 14 million volumes, making it the third most extensive library in the nation, while the Harvard University Library takes second place with 15 million items. The Library of Congress, which has more than 29,550,000 volumes, is the only institution in the country with more items than the two Massachusetts libraries.
  • The federal government bought land with the deliberate intention of creating a park for the first time when it founded Cape Cod National Seashore from land previously owned by state and private proprietors.

Top 3 Attractions to Experience in Massachusetts

Fun Facts to Learn About Massachusetts

Boston Harbor become the home of the first American lighthouse in 1716. The state dessert of Massachusetts is the Boston Cream Pie, which was invented at the Omni Parker House in Boston. The country’s first subway was constructed in Boston in 1897.

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