Apr 2 2020

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How to find condos for rent


How Do I Find House Rentals in My Area?

There are many ways to find house rentals. For a long time, newspaper classified ads were the only way to find house rentals. Apartment locator companies came along almost three decades ago, matching tenants with landlords. The Internet upset both of those business models and has become the quickest and easiest way in which to find an apartment. There are scams out there, so be careful that you use the services of a reliable, ethical organization.

National Association of Realtors

Get on the Internet and navigate to

Type the name of your city and state in the text box. If you live in a large city, you may wish also to enter your ZIP code to narrow the search a bit.

Click in the circle next to “Rent” below the text box. Click “Search.” A new page will be generated listing all of the rentals in your city.

Refine your search by using the menu along the left side of the page. You can narrow the search by a price range, by number of bedrooms or bathrooms, by square footage or by choosing from a list of property features.

Refine the search further and click “Advanced Search.” A box will appear, showing your search criteria. If everything is correct, click on “Search.” A list of rental properties matching your criteria will be generated.

Click on the address of any property that interests you to find more information about it and the contact information for the agent in charge of showing it.

Navigate to Click on the “For Rent” tab near the top of the page.

Enter your city, state and ZIP code in the text box under Location. You can also specify a price range, the number of bedrooms and baths that you desire, property types and whether pets are allowed. When finished, click “Search.”

Click on the address of any property you are interested in knowing more about. You will also be given the name and phone number of the person who can show you the house.

Go to Locate the text box under the heading Find Home Values and Listings. Enter your city, state and ZIP code in the box provided. Click “Go.”

Uncheck the boxes for all choices but For Rent on the left side of the page, under the heading Refine Search. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

Click on the address of any home for which you would like more information. You can also refine your search by using the boxes on the left side of the page.


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