MacBook Pro 2017 to Sport Kaby Lake, 16 GB RAM? #how #to #change #ram #macbook


Reports are certain that Apple will launch a 2017 refresh for MacBook Pro’s entire lineup. Recent rumors have it that these upcoming high-end laptops are more likely to sport Intel Kaby Lake processors and a 16 GB random access memory.

Months ago, to hear that MacBook Pro 2017 was going to be powered by Kaby Lakes would have been unsurprising. However, with the recent release of the competitive and cheaper processors from Advanced Micro Devices dubbed as the Ryzen, this information deserves a headline.

Since its announcement, AMD made it clear that the higher-end chips under the Ryzen lineup has the ability to automatically overclock, which practically means a relatively effortless boost in power. Added to that, AMD Ryzen chips are extremely priced lower than the Kaby Lakes.

However, recent reports have it that Apple will remain in their partnership with Intel. Mobipicker points out that it might be pretty much impossible for the Cupertino, California technology firm to change their chipset supplier and have the newly-chosen processors be installed in new laptops – all in the same year.

With that, it is highly possible for MacBook Pro 2017 laptops to sport standard Intel i5 chip and i7 processors for the higher-end variants.

On the other hand, Mobipicker also thinks AMD will still be included in the MacBook Pro 2017 laptops through the RX 500 graphics processing units. It is also highly expected that the upcoming laptops will sport 16 GB RAM.

It can be recalled that in earlier reports. it has been pointed out that there is a downside for staying with Kaby Lake chips and that is the lack of 32 GB RAM support. The said amount of RAM is only feasible with the unreleased processors from Intel known as Cannonlake.

However, noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reportedly predicted that the production of Cannonlake chips will not make it in time for the manufacturing of the MacBook Pro 2017.

As for the release schedule, reports see no reason for Apple to make the MacBook Pro 2017 available earlier than October – the same month when MacBook Pro 2016 laptops were launched.

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