Apr 18 2020

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MARRIED At First Sight’s most eccentric groom Troy Delmege appeared open, honest and relaxed during his interview on the Today show this morning.

The glaring Married At First Sight question that hasn’t been asked

WE’RE all tuning into the drama of Married At First Sight night after night to see how it all pans out for the couples — but there’s one big fat elephant in the room.

MAFS’ Troy on his troubles

MAFS’ Troy on his troubles

Given that we’ve seen pictures of Troy making out with another br >Source:Channel 9

MARRIED At First Sight’s most eccentric groom Troy Delmege appeared open, honest and relaxed during his interview on the Today show this morning.

The reality TV contestant, who has continually perplexed viewers with his bizarre behaviour on the show, was grilled by Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic on his relationship with his on-screen bride Ashley Irvin, and their frequent blow-ups.

Troy. Picture: Channel Nine Source:Channel 9

Ashley. Picture: Channel Nine Source:Channel 9

But there was one big elephant in the room — in the form of a series of explosive photos.

Earlier this month, Troy was busted rolling around in the grass (literally) with another bride, Carly Bowyer — who currently happens to be matched with millionaire Justin Fischer on the show.

These are not their spouses. Picture: Splash News Source:Splash News Australia

It’s obviously a huge spoiler and blatantly points to the end of at least two relationships — but despite plenty of chatter around his situation with Ashley, wasn’t brought up once during Troy’s Today appearance.

However, he did reveal his feelings on the situation with Married’s resident villain Dean Wells, who’s been slammed by fans for his dalliance with fellow contestant Davina Rankin behind his bride Tracey Jewel’s back.

In a promo for tonight’s episode, it’s clear there’ll be a big blow-up between Dean and the other contestants, who largely seem to have turned on him.

But he’s got at least one supporter in Troy, who insists that Dean has been misunderstood.

“Look, Dean may have made a mistake. I actually think Dean is a really classy bloke, I like Dean,” he told the hosts.

“Classy?” Georgie repeated in disbelief.

“I like Davina, I like Dean . if you get to know him he is so down to earth,” Troy insisted.

“He’s gentle and caring. Get to know him, he is a really good guy . He’s got very humble roots, had a lot of situations in life.”

Married At First Sight continues 7.30pm tonight on Nine.


Mafs gossip


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