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Newest car-entres in [Myanmar rent a car]


60,000 Ks / 10 hour

Important notice from [Myanmar rent a car]

1. The car rental prices listed on our website is the local price which are for local Myanmar people.

2. Our company introduce customers to car owners, even foreigners can use cars with local price, we only charge 10% as support fee from customer. ( In Myanmar, if you ask travel company or hotel to arrange a car, the price is usually more than 2 times of the local price )

3. All the cars introduced by us will be cautious of safe driving at all times. How ever, because of the lack of car insurance in Myanmar, in the case of car accident by chance, our company and car owners can not take the responsibility for customers’ injury and property losses.

We strongly suggest foreigners to join life/health/travel insurance before you visit Myanmar.

What’s [Myanmar rent a car]

In Myanmar, the car price are very expensive, more than 10 years old used car are sold in the same price of new cars in western countries. The road circumstances in Myanmar is alsome, traffic ligths are not installed. More over, the traffic maner are not good, even in Yangon, the traffic signal system are very poor, and there are no car insurance system. (For more Myanmar car information, please see here. )

Due to the above car circumstances in Myanmar, many foreigner/foreign companies do not own buy cars, they just rent cars / lease cars.

「Myanmar rent a car」 is the first multilingle car rental, car lease portal website in Myanmar. We provide car rental, car lease, car hire service to not only Myanmar people bus also foreigners. Currently, we provide car rental service in Yangon, then we will expand our service also in Mandalay, Naypyidaw.

The biggest feature of 「Myanmar rent a car」 is that we provide [Car + Driver + Fuel] service which all the charge of car, driver, fuel are included. This [Car + Driver + Fuel] service fits Myanamr circumstances and user’s needs mostly.

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