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fresno criminal attorneys

Fresno criminal attorneysFacing criminal charges can be intimidating, especially when you’re facing serious charges or an overzealous prosecutor. Getting the help of an experienced Fresno criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between keeping or losing your rights.

With more than 100 years of collective experience, 250 trials, and the respect of clients, fellow criminal lawyers, and others in the legal profession, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Nuttall Coleman have the experience, expertise, and dedication to excellence to represent your case in the criminal justice system at the state or federal level. Contact us at (559) 233-2900.

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Award-Winning Fresno Criminal Defense Attorneys

Fresno criminal attorneys

The best criminal defense lawyers for your case.

Our lawyers have top ratings on Avvo, an independent lawyer-ranking service.

Fresno criminal attorneys

We’ve got Super Lawyers.

Our attorneys have been recognized by Super Lawyers, which identifies the best legal talent in regions across the United States.

Fresno criminal attorneys

Aggressive trial attorneys and skilled negotiators.

Our lawyers demonstrate excellence and experience in the practice of criminal law.

Fresno criminal attorneys

Why pick our criminal defense attorneys?

There are dozens of criminal lawyers in the Fresno area, but there are few who have the competitive spirit that our attorneys do. All of our attorneys are competitors in some way outside the law: Roger Nuttall is a top competitor in the auto racing arena; and Mark Coleman competes on a statewide and national level in firearms competitions. That fighting spirit is what we bring to the table in each case we take on.

We don’t like to lose, and we fight for each of our clients. Learn More

Law Offices of Nuttall & Coleman

Fresno, CA 93721

Our attorneys are consistently rated 5 stars/ 5 stars by Avvo ratings.

I endorse Roger. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Roger Nuttall has gone far and beyond our expectations. He has done more for my brother than expected. He is doing whatever he can to get him justice. No one should have to go to jail and stay there if the punishment does not fit the crime.

Mr. Coleman was the lawyer that I went to based on his knowledge in the field, his respect throughout the legal community and his experience in similar cases. I came to him not sure how to proceed and he advised me on how to proceed on an expungement issue that several other local attorneys had either never heard of or never worked through. He helped me regain all of my rights, while also advising me on how to proceed with applications.

He is an avid researcher and was able to advise me on a c…

I would highly recommend Mark Coleman. He was honest and really made this hard situation easier to handle in all perspectives. He went above and beyond for my family and I. Before I hired Mr. Coleman I met with a couple of attorneys who used scare tactics and intimidation to try and make me sign a contract for services I could afford. The firm and staff and Nuttall Coleman are professional and wonderful. Thank you again for everything!

Through out my difficult ordeal, Mark remained compassionate, committed, and dedicated. He often asked about my family and how I was holding up. Mark demonstrated a level of compassion and sincerity that went beyond the case. I am grateful indeed for his zeal in defending me in and out of court. I am indebted to Mark Coleman and the staff at Nuttal and Coleman. I strongly recommend Mark Coleman regardless of the offense. He will invest himself completely towards your defense.

Roger Nuttall believed in me, in our false domestic violence case and agreed to take our case when no other lawyer cared . I am a Veteran that needed help. He listened and honestly cared about my family.

I used his firm 15 years ago and was completely satisfied with the outcome and handling of my case, He is a true American citizen that supports us veterans . He is the best criminal attorney in the fresno clovis area.

Mr. Coleman was my attorney during a very difficult time in my life and he was excellent. I was charged with a felony and he was able to have the matter reduced to a misdemeanor. He negotiated with the prosecutor and with the court. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

When I was in court with him I could tell that the judge and lawyers respected and trusted him. I felt extremely comfortable with him and well represented. I had discussed my case with several other attorneys but Mark was…

Mr. Colman represented me in a high profile case in the County of Merced. I was referred to him by another attorney who could no longer represent me. Mr. Coleman quickly met with me and discussed how he could help me. I immediately felt that my case was in good hands. Mr. Coleman demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and commitment to my case. I highly recommend Mark Coleman and his law firm. Thank you and your staff for your hard work.

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