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Stylemaker Giveaway, ODLR, & Sew Much More!

13 Apr Stylemaker Giveaway, ODLR, & Sew Much More!

Greetings Dear Readers

I’m all over the place today

It’s Sew Easy’s new series begins June 21st…… and below is promo one……..

During the past week, I’ve been on a steep learning curve. Last month I received Pfaff’s Premier +2 Embroidery Software, and just recently have I started to buckle down and understand how it all works.

Once I have it mastered I’ll fill you in. As I have said many times, my dream is to use the embroidery machine to create tunic embellishments for plackets, necklines, collars, sleeve cuffs and hems. What I’m loving is the ability to isolate a portion of an embroidery design and create a new shape or design.

In the photo below, the top left image is the original Pfaff Embroidery Design. I repeated the single motif and created a v-neck design which I used with the ‘Wide Split Placket’ pattern piece from The Tunic Bible. The top right image shows how I was able to eliminate the outer stitches and reduce the design to the inner flower and border of the original. In the bottom right photo I repeated and shaped the motif to fit on the ‘Angled Collar’ pattern piece.

I’m not finished with the tunic yet but you can see where I’m going with it….

I was hoping to create a lower border, but I may need another type of hoop to do so.

Julie and I hope to see you in Charlotte, NC next month! On JUNE 15, Friday evening, we will be at The Charlotte Sewing Center and invite you to join us for Happy Hour, followed by a presentation and trunk show featuring our hand curated wardrobe pieces. We’ll share our experiences and advice on creating a customized wardrobe to suit individual styles for every occasion!

On Saturday, June 16 we’ll visit the traveling Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Mint Museum Randolph followed by a lunch meet up (location to be announced).

Please click on the links for ticket information and directions, and please consider joining us. It’s our idea of an ideal girls’ weekend

Saving the best for last……

It was such a pleasure to participate in StyleMaker Fabrics’ Fall 17 and Spring 18 blog tour. Michelle has a great eye for finding lovely fabrics and cute sewing gifts. Her latest fabrics represent the best of Spring with fresh palettes and designs in many fabric types.

I encourage you to visit her online store as well as follow her Instagram account where you’ll be informed of new arrivals, specials and lots of inspiration photos!

In support of the 2018 RTW FASTERS, StyleMaker Fabrics is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky winner!

All Goodbye Valentino readers are eligible to participate in the giveaway. To enter simply leave a comment below.The winner will be announced on Monday, April 16.

So Dear Readers, I’ve been incredibly busy with little to show……. I was in a meeting this week and one of the committee members is an artist. She said when she begins a painting she is over the top with excitement and in love with her vision. At some point during the midst of painting she’s convinced she has made a terrible mistake and hates it…… wants to quit…even trash it, but as soon as that last brush stroke is completed she’s back on top . I almost spoke up but the subject returned to fundraising….. but BOY DID I RELATE!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend and many thanks to Stylemaker Fabrics for its very generous giveaway!


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