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Outdoor Movie Screen


Moonlight Flix has an outdoor movie screen rental package for every budget. Our backyard movie rentals in Iowa Illinois start at less than $200!

Large public events that handle hundreds of audience members start at $700. I love showing outdoor movies and believe in charging fair prices for quality.

I publish rental rates and don’t charge cancellation fees for bad weather. I use only high-end professional audio and video equipment. I always beat the competition’s prices.

Because of my reputation for affordable movie events, my schedule fills fast so reserve your event today.


If you prefer to buy an inflatable movie screen, I sell movie screens and complete systems from residential backyard movies to custom-made inflatable screens for huge audiences. I sell outdoor movie equipment to home owners, colleges universities, church faith organizations and city parks recreation departments. And for those who like a bargain, I sell used equipment too. Some rental customers choose to buy a system after a few successful events. Ask me about my unique rent-to-own program.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable outdoor movies theaters have become. Generally, if you rent more than a three times per year, you should consider buying your own outdoor theater.

When you buy from Moonlight Flix, you get:

    High-quality Made-in-the-USA inflatable movie screens A full year of technical support for all your events High-quality professional-grade equipment An equipment buy-back guarantee (Trade up and I’ll buy your equipment back.) Training on-site or via video chat (Depending on your package)


Public Screenings

I’ll share my knowledge from years of experience. I know what works and what doesn’t. For most public movies, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and spend half of your summer budget on expensive vendors. I work with your existing staff and volunteers to reduces your costs. Or if you prefer, I will bring my own crew.

I will share my opinions on the best family movies to show and which ones to avoid.

Here are some things to consider:

    Fundraising: You can raise some money with outdoor movie nights, but its a lot a of work for the promoters. You will need sponsors, concessions and a very good marketing effort to make a profit from the event. The most successful use a movie night to attract attendees, but don’t rely on ticket sales to raise funds. Public Performance License: To legally show an movie publicly, you must have one. I’ll explain how easy it is to get one. Spring and Fall Movie Nights: For those in the Midwest, considering holding your movie nights in the Spring and Fall. It’s cooler and less buggy and you can show the movie hours earlier than you can in the summer. Plus there are less competing events.

Private Screenings

This is where I started and I continue to offer affordable backyard movie rentals. I have several options to choose from. If you are comfortable with audio and video equipment, you may want to rent a do-it-yourself package. But if you prefer, I’ll do everything and all you need to do is enjoy the show.

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