Apr 23 2020

Rap music stars

<a title="Rap music stars" href="">Rap music stars</a>-<a title="Rap music stars" href="">Rap music stars</a>
All the latest news about TV shows, movies, and music, as well as exclusive content from the entertainment industry.


On the latest TV shows, movies, music, and exclusive content from the entertainment industry!

Taylor Swift and others with hit gay anthems

Ed Sheeran and other British musicians who took big breaks from music

Taylor Swift and the best-selling singers of 2019

Then and now: The most rebellious musicians of the 2000s

The longest-running number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100

Lady Gaga and other artists who have been accused of plagiarism

You won’t believe these songs turn 10 in 2019

Woodstock at 50: remembering “3 Days of Peace and Love

Torture tracks: Songs that have been weaponized

Musicians who have collabed with their kids

  • Last Hour
  • Last Day
  • Last Week

Are you guilty of these annoying office habits?

The most iconic LGBT music artists in history

CELEBRITY Celebrity deaths

Celebrities who’ve passed away in 2019

CELEBRITY True crime

Law and order: celebs who testified at trials

TRAVEL Cruise ship

Should you still vacation on cruise ships?


Incredible historic images of D-Day

Reintroducing Spain, home to the most biosphere reserves in Europe

FASHION Celebrity style

Celebrity-approved double denim looks

Discover the most incredible beaches in all of France


30 fun ways to date yourself

Riding solo: Musicians who enjoyed greater solo success

Musicians who walked off stage mid-concert for weird reasons

The early days of the Rolling Stones

Artists discuss the dark side of the music industry

Kurt Cobain’s favorite albums of all time

Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and the biggest surprise albums

Artists who lost their music in the Universal warehouse fire

Musicians who stopped Trump from using their tunes

Is Kendrick Lamar the greatest rapper alive?

Morning tunes to get you out of bed and into the groove

Hit songs you didn’t know were written by Prince

Song meanings everyone gets wrong

The most shocking arrests in music history

The most controversial music videos of all time

TV theme songs that made it onto the charts

Mick is back and still moving like Jagger

The craziest Eurovision controversies

latest TV shows, movies, music, and exclusive content from the entertainment industry!


Rap music stars


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