May 19 2017

Reliable Car Rentals Mildenhall – Lakenheath – Reliable Rentals #rent #homes

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Moving Van Rental

Welcome to Reliable Rentals we have been established in the local community for the last 9 years and we offer only well maintained, respectable reliable rental vehicles, our main stock includes Honda powered vehicles for reliability and 4 door automatics for your convenience. Call us now on 01353 675111

All of our 4 door sedans are £49.00 per week whatever time of the year and price does not increase as demand increases. We also offer a discounted monthly rate of £189.00 for long term custom. We only rent to military members so if you would like to hear views on our customer service and quality of vehicles ask a friend or work colleague before you call. We have never needed to offer special offers or discounts to get customers through the door as most of our customers are previous customers or recommended to us through friends, colleagues sponsors knowing that our cars are in excellent shape and reliable.

  • Monthly discount also available
  • All staff are friendly and efficient
  • NO Extra Cost for automatics
  • All cars are well maintained
  • We participate in the VAT free scheme
  • Japanese powered vehicles for reliability

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