Nov 27 2016

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The Basics Of Renting A Table Linen

When someone finds themselves hosting a large event, it is always more economical to look for table linen rentals than make the purchases out-of-pocket. From tablecloths to napkins and even table runners, these linens bring an air of elegance and flair to any occasion.


Tablecloths are available in a wide selection of materials, styles and shapes that will fit both the budget and the seating arrangements. Polyester, linen, cotton and even damask will turn any gathering into an event fit for royalty. Tablecloths are often the center of attention when it comes to table linens, so these are available in many different colors and prints as well as in themes. By coordinating the tablecloths with associated napkins, chair covers and table runners, party planners can easily make a huge statement with just a little investment. There is no need for tablecloths to be laundered after use; this is included in the rental price.

Napkins are another popular item that is rented for special occasions like weddings and anniversary parties; they can complement the tablecloth or contrast it in order to provide more eye appeal. Depending upon the gathering, napkins can be heavy and dark-colored or light and airy as if made from lace. Like tablecloths, napkins do not need to be laundered before being returned to the rental company; this is included in the rental price. Some napkins are provided as-is while others are folded into fancy shapes and held closed by beautiful napkin rings. Other napkin applications are available; check with local rental companies for more information.

Chair Covers

When it comes to seating hundreds of guests, the chairs available may not be the most beautiful furniture in the world. Thankfully, table linen rentals may include the rental of chair covers that can transform unsightly plastic or metal seating into elegant works of art. These covers may be simplistic in style or color, though they may be fancy and tied at the back with an elegant ribbon. Satin, Spandex and even organza are all popular choices for chair covers; many incorporate glitter or monograms for the guests of honor.

Aisle and Table Runners

Table linen rental companies understand the need to create an atmosphere with fabrics and offer plenty of aisle and table runner options that coordinate with other pieces. These are designed to showcase the centerpiece if placed over a table and denote walking areas between tables when placed on the floor. These may also be themed; a bed of roses for a wedding event, for instance, and a white felt runner for contrasting a dark tablecloth at a dinner event. These details simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to putting together the perfect presentation for friends, family and colleagues.

Table linens play an important role in providing atmosphere during any event. Whether selecting from tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and more, these items are available online and in specialty shops across the nation. Without a doubt, table linen rentals are one of the foremost accomplishments for any party planner.

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