Apr 14 2020

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Apartment search engines ******* The Top 19 Real Estate Listing and Agency Sites Finding the right website for your real estate needs can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for your next home or selling a property, there are dozens of real estate websites that can get the job done. Instead of having to filter through the results, we break it down for you — we’ve compiled a list of the most popular real estate sites based on the total number of page listings on Google, with every website having more than 1 million indexed pages. We split the list in …

Apr 8 2020

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Apartment search engines ******* Entertainment 10 Sites for Your Apartment Search This map-based search engine is great for anyone who likes to see where a potential apartment lies in relation to neighborhood landmarks and points of interest. It includes rentals, condos and homes for sale. Bonus: Stay connected to your search with apps for Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, and a mobile-optimized site. 2. lets you take virtual video tours of the apartments you browse. You can share the videos of your could-be homes to Facebook to get your friends’ opinions on the locations you’re scouting. …

Mar 13 2020

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#Apartment #search #engines Apartment search engines ******* The top 12 websites and resources for no-fee NYC rentals 6sqft’s ongoing series Apartment Living 101 is aimed at helping New Yorkers navigate the challenges of creating a happy home in the big city. This week, now that the city is in high renting season, we’ve researched the best resources for finding a no-fee apartment. More than half of New Yorkers spend 30 percent or more of their income on rent. Tack on a broker’s fee that could be as high as 15 percent of an apartment’s annual rent, and that burden becomes …