Apr 13 2020

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Apartment list ******* The Essential First Apartment Checklist When you move out of your parent’s house for the first time, you probably realize that you need some basic goods you never had to buy before, like towels and dishes, but there are probably a lot of things you never even thought about before. Fortunately, SquakFox is here to help with this printable checklist featuring everything you need to grab for your first apartment. Some basics you may never have considered before you move into your first apartment include lamps, coffee tables, shower caddies, bath mats, a cutting board, a cork …

Apr 9 2020

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Apartment list ******* Apartment List Delivers Elegant, Multi-Device App Experiences on Heroku Digital apartment locator provides real-time, location-based data to prospective renters In cities like San Francisco, the word “crazy” certainly applies to the current state of the real estate market. With the inventory of available apartments at all-time lows, and prices at all-time highs, Apartment List was founded to save renters time and money in their search by connecting them to a consolidated listing of available apartments in their area. The Challenge: Delivering A Great App with Locations-Based, Real-Time Results One of the most important criteria when searching for …

Apr 7 2020

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Apartment list ******* Apartment Listings Family1525 Rusher DriveAlden, NY 14004P: (716) 937-6710F: (716) 937-7492 Elderly, and disabled persons regardless of age.7355 Boston State RoadHamburg, NY 14075P: (716) 648-3746F: (716) 648-3746 Family and Elderly (age 55 and over)233 East Eagle Street, #4Buffalo, NY 14204P: (716) 842-0528F: (716) 842-0559 Elderly1500 Jefferson AvenueBuffalo, NY 14208P: (716) 881-6654F: (716) 881-0088 Elderly, physically disabled.175 Pershing AvenueBuffalo, NY 14208P: (716) 881-2526F: (716) 881-2595 Family, Elderly, Disabled164 Buffalo Street, Bldg. FGowanda, NY 14070P: (716) 532-5745F: (716) 532-5745 Elderly37 Meadow Lane, Bldg. DHolland, NY 14080P: (716) 537-2998F: (716) 537-2998 Elderly, and disabled persons regardless of age.208 Maple RoadEast …