Apr 24 2020


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GONE WITHOUT A TRACE: Huge question behind 20-year-old mystery

Andrew Dymott was enjoying a family barbecue in an affluent Melbourne suburb when he left for the shops. He was never seen again.

Influencer’s ‘fake’ photo brutally exposed

A “wannabe” influencer has been busted “staging” a photo and lying about it to her followers — after her sister shared behind-the-scenes evidence.

Gross find h > When a mum discovered a “pimple” on her leg, she left it alone. But for 10 years, it kept growing. WARNING: Graphic content

Kate’s awkward email to friends

Being mates with the future Queen might come with luxe perks, but it also means being on the receiving end of an occasionally sticky email.

Man killed in Thredbo skiing acc > A 68-year-old South Australian man has died after hitting a tree branch while skiing in Thredbo earlier this morning, police claim.

Boss unleashes on ‘pathetic’ workers

Ryan Graham has lost count of the number of tradies he’s hired who have downed their tools and walked off the job — within minutes.

‘Escape, evasion’: Shock Nazi discovery

When McKay Smith started researching WWII, he never expected to find himself on a mission to get a Nazi behind bars.

Ins > The marathon search for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod was an astonishing spectacle with cameos from bears, wolves and much more.

‘Crazy’ snow causes huge car crash

A “dangerous” 14cm snowfall has caused eight cars, including one police vehicle, to “lose control” as heavy snow causes carnage on the roads.

Trump slammed over ‘sick’ photo

At first glance it seems like a sweet snap of the President with an adorable newborn. But there’s a “repugnant” reason it has sparked outrage.

How I fell for the world’s stup > Alexis Carey has travelled to 56 countries and thought she’d seen it all — until she fell victim to the most ridiculous tourist con of all.

Rise in ‘controversial’ wedding trend

Forget smoke bombs and pizza bouquets, 2019’s biggest wedding trend has emerged from the confetti and not everyone is happy about it.

  • earlier Labor’s Keneally ‘wins’ conservative award
  • earlier Copenhagen hit by second blast this week
  • earlier Typhoon hits eastern China, 13 people dead
  • earlier ‘More threatening’: All Blacks’ Folau fear
  • earlier Duo rescued from remote Qld island

Rudy Ray Moore was a smooth-talker, a hard-grafter and a big-time charmer.

Whatever happened to Eddie Murphy?

Toni Collette almost missed out on The Sixth Sense because of her hair. Seriously.

The Sixth Sense: What you never knew

What do you get when you’re a billionaire and it’s your birthday?

Kylie’s insane week-long birthday bash

Prince Andrew is facing claims he groped a woman on his lap as she played with a Spitting Image puppet of him.

Prince Andrew named in sex scandal

Two artists have reimagined scenes from The Lion King — and it’s proving so popular fans are begging for them to redo the entire film.

‘Let this be real’: Lion King gets ‘remade’

Res > Residents taking shelter in the path of one of 60 wild fires have been told ‘threats to homes have eased,’ as the blaze licks through a national park.

‘More threatening’: All Blacks’ Folau fear

Live While most of the world seems to think the Wallabies were worse off without Israel Folau, a Kiwi superstar has expressed his fear of the sleeping giant.

Teen dies after Gold Coast police chase

A Gold Coast teenager has died in hospital overnight after crashing a stolen ute into a power pole during a police pursuit.

Man’s one question to serial killer

Dianne Pennacchio was a devoted mother when she was murdered and dumped in a forest — and her son wants answers from serial killer Ivan Milat.

Polar blast to last through weekend

Parts of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania are shivering through some of the coldest weather to hit Australia in years.

Dying Ivan Milat rushed to hospital

Notorious serial killer Ivan Milat has been transferred from Long Bay jail to hospital, just months after being diagnosed with cancer.

How Tiger Woods got away with cheating

Ten years after his public image came crashing down, we’re still learning about the lengths Tiger Woods went to hide his infidelity.

North Korea’s ‘rehearsal for war’

North Korea fires another two missiles, despite Kim Jong-un’s “very beautiful” three-page letter to President Donald Trump.

America’s shameless gun control myth

One argument stands in the way of stricter gun control in the United States. That argument is based on a shameless myth.

Hong Kong protesters swarm airport

There are chaotic scenes at Hong Kong’s international airport this weekend as pro-democracy activists continue their fight against China.

Murder spree teens’ lonely final hours

Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod dined on a final meal of pork chops and oranges before dying an agonising death in the wilderness.

El Paso shooter was targeting ‘Mexicans’

The El Paso shooter reportedly told detectives he was determined to kill Mexicans as he surrendered to law enforcement.


Hemsworth mansion ‘ready to move in’

After a mammoth building project, it looks like Chris Hemsworth’s new Byron Bay mega-mansion is almost ready for their family to move into.

F45 boss’ crazy $14m cash splash

F45 co-founder Adam Gilchrist snapped up a neighbour’s home after they objected to development plans, and set a wild record in the process.

Ins > He’s designed showstopping houses for footy stars and A-listers, but by far his toughest job yet was his own. See the amazing before and after pics.

$500 bikini stunt that made a fortune

After spending everything creating their product, Aussie sisters Jess and Stef Dadon had a tiny budget to launch their brand. So they got creative.

Tottie’s ‘insane’ battle for Aussie icon

Tottie Goldsmith says her famous aunt, Olivia Newton John, has “never dome a drug in her life”. Now she’s desperate to take make one legal.

Fans ‘freak out’ as Kate shuns royal rule

The Duchess of Cambridge has done something in public she hasn’t done since before she became a royal — and fans are totally loving it.

‘Twisted’ reason for ‘ritualistic’ killings

It was a summer evening and five friends were enjoying a dinner party — until the “devil” himself came calling. Warning: Graphic

‘Insane’: Mum’s party fee causes fury

A mother has caused offence after she invited kids to her son’s birthday and then bombarded parents with outrageous demands.

Adults Only

See inside Virgin Voyages’ new adults-only cruise, complete with craft beer on tap.

Daughter’s revenge on dad’s mistress

Rachel’s father is planning a new life with his new partner – but Rachel has other plans

I tried Halle Berry’s keto diet, and wow

The actress’ diet is what helps her look 22 at 52, so Steph put it to the test for a week – and the results are surprising.

Perfect mini-road trip on our doorstep

Just three hours from most of Australia’s east coast, a stunning two-day road trip will take you from alpine villages to rugged coastline.

Drunk flight attendant arrested

A sole flight attendant on a domestic flight was so drunk she passed out for the whole trip, with alarmed passengers having to fasten her seatbelt.

Fugitive’s dad apologises to families

The father of one of the Canadian teens suspected of killing Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese and Leonard Dyck has said sorry to the victims’ families.

Tourist’s horror condom-r > A teenager who spent $1700 on a working holiday left after just two days because she claims she was told to “get off her lazy fat a**e” and clean her room.

Chilling v > A horrific video shows the final moments of a couple who were locked in a passionate embrace before falling to their deaths. WARNING: Distressing content


Royals’ touching tribute to Diana

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made a rare and very personal statement about the late Princess Diana.

‘Oldest move in the book’: Swift slammed

She’s no stranger to controversy but Taylor Swift has copped a bizarre sexist rant from ageing singer, Kid Rock.

Meghan’s plans for post-baby body

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wants to ‘change the perception’ about post-baby bodies as a royal source reveals her secret to getting back in shape.

‘Really awful’: Alex drops bombshell

Alex Nation’s Bachelor win sparked unprecedented outrage among viewers. Now almost three years later she’s revealed the shocking toll it took on her.

Stars who spat the dummy in interviews

Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. are just some of the celebrities who snapped during interviews.


Tested: The unlikely muscle car

Underneath this hulking exterior of the British brand’s latest family SUV lies the heart of an animal that will leap into action at the touch of a pedal.

Biggest bird ever turns up in NZ

The fossils of a prehistoric parrot have been found in New Zealand and experts believe it may be the largest parrot that ever lived.

Surprise new car sales success

It has been a tough year for new car sales. These are the highlights and lowlights of the past month.

Outrageous feature in $34m car

This classic performance car is one of the world’s rarest and most desired machines, but there is one element that makes it more precious than all others.

The big change Australia needs to make

A new report has highlighted the changes taking place in Australia and what we’re facing if we don’t act.

Sunbaking shock with ‘older’ landlord

A woman was sunbaking in her backyard when she got a very unwelcome surprise — and it’s far from the first time it has happened.

H > Australians are filing their tax returns in record numbers to get their hands on that extra $1080 — but some may never even see the cash.

There’s no excuse for this $1.4b rip-off

Five million Australians have been stung with this ridiculous rip-off that costs the average consumer $290 — and there is “no explanation”.

Gay cop loses $800k legal claim

A gay AFP officer who was unable to secure a work transfer to the same city as her partner has lost her discrimination claim against the force.

94-year-old nearly threw away $9.5m

The elderly war veteran almost threw out his winning ticket after his granddaughter mistakenly checked the wrong lottery numbers.


Rev head builds epic 25-car garage

This savvy Aussie homeowner devised a clever plan to store his prized car collection – by building a huge garage that needs to be seen to be believed.

Disbelief over nightmare review howler

LIVE The score review system has come under fire all year long, on Saturday the disastrous system did the unthinkable.

Dragons, Titans ‘punishment’ for NRL fans

LIVE There are ugly games of rugby league, then there was the debacle at Jubilee Oval between two sides with nothing to play for as St George and Gold Coast turned in an all-time stinker.

‘Stup > Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson was the undoubted star of the AFL’s first snow game, shirtlessly embracing the conditions like no other.

Gimme Love: Warne’s bold Sheeran call

Shane Warne plans to make his management of Lord’s-based cricket team interesting by getting good “mate” pop star Ed Sheeran involved.

Bledisloe Cup war of words erupts

The 2019 edition of the Bledisloe Cup has started with extra spice with both the Wallabies and All Blacks firing sledges across the ditch.

’Crazy’: Star’s bizarre $44m threat

Professional athletes are superstitious beings, but one superstar’s affinity for his helmet could see him walk away from the NFL.

Star explodes: ‘Kick us out of the comp’

On-field microphones picked up furious Warriors star Blake Green protesting against “all this bulls*** they throw at us”.

Boxing rematch met with disdain

World heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua have finally set a date for their rematch — and it’s not going down well.

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