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Virginia college colors

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Color Palette

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Primary Color Palette

Pantone 117C
C:6 M:27 Y:100 K:12
R:201 G:151 B:0

Pantone 349C
C:90 M:12 Y:95 K:40
R:4 G:106 B:56

The NOVA color palette consists of a primary and secondary color palette. The consistent use of the designated PMS (Pantone® Matching System) colors will create recognition and strengthen the NOVA brand identity.

When printing in four-color process, please be sure to use the CMYK builds provided. Please do not attempt to create these colors without working closely with the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Supporting Color Palette

Pantone 2945C
C:100 M:53 Y:2 K:16
R:0 G:76 B:151

Pantone 2607C
C:83 M:99 Y:0 K:2
R:80 G:7 B:120

Pantone 7622C
C:0 M:97 Y:89 K:45
R:147 G:39 B:44

Pantone 5405C
C:68 M:35 Y:17 K:40
R:79 G:117 B:139

Pantone 7482C
C:90 M:0 Y:93 K:0
R:0 G:159 B:77

The supporting palette of preferred colors has been selected to compliment the NOVA green and gold. These colors are for use in graphic elements within designs such as backdrops, graphic shapes and typography. The colors are shown in full color, with color value specifcations for print and digital media.

Gray Color Palette

Pantone 417C
C:33 M:23 Y:35 K:63
R:101 G:102 B:92

Pantone 404C
C:20 M:25 Y:30 K:59
R:119 G:110 B:100

Pantone Black 6
C:100 M:79 Y:44 K:93
R:16 G:24 B:32

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