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WHM / cPanel VPS for Web Hosting Resellers

Simply put, there is no hosting reseller solution which can match the reliability, feature set, and ease of use which defines a WHM and cPanel VPS.

A WHM / cPanel license will allow you to resell web hosting to clients and create web hosting reseller accounts to sell to other resellers. Acquiring a license for your virtual private server is a sound investment, and that is just one of the reasons we are proud to offer WHM / cPanel to VPSLink customers.

Reseller Control Panel Features

WHM and cPanel have a thriving userbase that VPS owners cannot afford to ignore. Web hosting clients and resellers know that they need advanced web hosting administration features with an interface that takes minutes to learn, and that’s why they are searching for cPanel and WHM by name.

You can offer the web hosting industry’s leading features with cPanel VPS hosting from VPSLink:


  • Customizable Interface for Reseller Branding
  • Domain, Subdomain, and E-mail Account Management
  • Detailed Website Statistics with Webalizer and AWStats
  • MySQL Database Management with phpMyAdmin
  • E-mail Web Access for Domain and Subdomain Addresses


  • Branded WHM Skins
  • Administrator, Reseller, and Client Account Management
  • Server Settings, MySQL, and Mail Service Administration
  • DNS and SSL Configuration
  • Server Stats, Processes, and Mail Queue Monitoring

WHM / cPanel Licensing

VPSLink offers licensing on the OpenVZ and Xen VPS platforms. Regardless of your VPS platform preference, you and your reseller clients will have the ability to host an unlimited number of domains with WHM / cPanel at a fraction of the dedicated server licensing cost.



Note: WHM / cPanel licensing requests may be placed through the Server Control Center at any time once your VPS account has been provisioned.

WHM / cPanel VPS licensing allows you to install the WHM / cPanel software on your existing VPS. As this software is licensed independently of our virtual private server hosting plans, we do not include WHM / cPanel in our operating system templates and a monthly licensing fee will apply.

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