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Wnba gossip 2

<a title="Wnba gossip 2" href="">Wnba gossip 2</a>-<a title="Wnba gossip 2" href="">Wnba gossip 2</a>
RULES This is a LESBIAN chat site and discussion forum. In this thread, discussions regarding the WNBA are to remain primarily focused on the players,

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Wnba Gossip Pt. II; Gossip. about the WNBA

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Wnba Gossip Pt. II; Gossip. about the WNBA

May 30, 2016 #1 2016-05-30T03:13

This is a LESBIAN chat site and discussion forum. In this thread, discussions regarding the WNBA are to remain primarily focused on the players, the game, stats etc.

Acceptable forms of On Topic discussion include (but are not limited to):

-Lesbian/Bi rumors
-Upcoming events
-Appreciation for the players and/or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (no bashing)
-Speculation/information about what is happening now/coming up
-Pictures (Always Source)
-GIFs (Always Source)
-Gossip about the WNBA and/or players, (positive or negative is fine), as long as it’s based on something solid (picture, article, tweet, insta etc. etc.)
– Sourced pictures of players with male colleagues or friends but MUST NOT INCLUDE ANY HET SPECULATION

Specifically to those of you who post about particular players quite often (D/T, P/T, B/G, G/J) and those of you who jump on them as soon as they do so? This is a frequent start of stan wars in this thread, but NOT the only one. These often derail the thread for pages and are completely off topic.

PLEASE NOTE. The point is that they’re taking the focus off of the WNBA. If you see this happening, do not respond to it. When you respond to it, you’re participating in it. Don’t. Pls report it.

Starting stan wars or participating in them will get you banned. If you don’t agree with someone, move on. If they continue to bait and troll, report them. There is no need to engage posters who are clearing trolling. It’s those people who aren’t trolling but decide to enforce the rules on their own that encourage pages of off-topic bickering. If someone is OBVIOUSLY trolling and baiting, DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT. And by the way, if YOU call someone a stan or a troll, YOU just started the stan/troll war. Don’t. Report and move on. When in doubt, take a deep breath and scroll.

Other Unacceptable forms of OFF Topic Discussion Include (but are not limited to):

– Discussion of previous or otherwise boyfriends, whether alleged, speculated upon or confirmed.
– Pictures and GIFs of said boyfriends.
– Speculation about private individuals.

– Trolling and baiting
– Homophobia
– Heterosexual speculation
– Going off-topic too often and/or obviously deliberately
– Fanfiction
– Bashing others (that means everyone on this thread)

Thank you. Welcolme All. Let’s please all try to get along.


Wnba gossip 2


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