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CN Paraquip Cyprus mobility scooter hire, FREE delivery and collection plus 10% pre booking discount fee, wheelchair hire, adapted airport transfers in Cyprus, equipment sale, care or nurse hire, wheelchair rental.

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wheelchair rental

Cyprus, Paphos mobility scooter hire. FREE delivery and collection plus 10% pre booking discount fee. The company is owned and run by a wheelchair user, Chris Neophytou. I rent collapsible, medium and large sized scooters, manual or powered wheelchair hire, electric hoist hire, profile electric beds, bed leaver etc.. Besides equipment rental and sales, we also provide COMPLETELY accessible accommodation for the disabled and able-bodied guests and families, as well as adapted airport transfers, excursions and care/nurse assistance.

Wheelchair rental

CN Paraquip shop in Polis

Wheelchair rental

Parking bay for scooters

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchair rental

My name is Chris

All the scooters, other equipment, accommodation with pool hoist, airport transfers, excursions and all activities have been tried and tested by myself




Gill (from the Daily Telegraph) replies:

Wheelchair rental

Cyprus Sunday Mail – Wheelies for Hire

If you struggle round the home or are in need ssistance, there is a company in Paphos that hires out scooters, wheelchairs and other devices for the disabled. JILL CAMPBELL MACKAY reports

Others, like Chris Neophytou, are permanently disabled and are confined to a wheelchair. It’s this state of long-term immobility that resulted in Chris turning what was a physical catastrophe into a thriving business opportunity.

GC Para-quip was set up by Chris to help others with disabilities, supplying a wide range of specially-designed equipment to help achieve a level of independence both in and outside the home. But how did it all start?

Chris organises tours with the help of a specially converted minibus come taxi which is adapted with an electric tail lift, meaning visitors can be collected with ease from the airport and then taken to their holiday apartment. Repairs can also be made on the spot if anyone gets a ‘spoke in their wheels’ and Chris will deliver his equipment all over the island just like any regular hire company.

One thing people don’t realise is that despite many peoples’ disability there are still plenty of opportunities for them to take part in activities supposedly designed solely for the able bodied.



COMPLIMENTS TO: Ms Eleni Kaloyirou (CEO of Hermes Airports) and Ms Sophie Christofidou (Terminal Manager Customer Care at Hermes Airports) and ALL THE TEAMS INVOLVED.

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Nitsa Roussot and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about my personal experience of travelling in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, I have major problems with my feet and walking a few steps is fine but I need the wheelchair to allow me independence to move around.

My family and I have been running a hotel in Polis Chrysochous for the last 23 years and we cater for physically challenged guests (as well as able bodied guests). For many years, our guests from various destinations have always had the HIGHEST PRAISE for the wheelchair assistance they receive in Paphos and Larnaca – they have even mentioned that these departments in other countries could really learn a lot from their Cypriot counterparts. As I had never personally been a wheelchair user to travel, I could never have judged until I was in able to experience all this first hand.

I travelled from Larnaca Airport to Dubai and onwards to South Africa. I would not like to mention the airline but I am sure you will figure it out. I received the best, kindest and caring service in Larnaca – so you can imagine my absolute horror and disgust when we landed in Dubai and we were ushered into a room of disabled travellers that were closed off from all other areas of the airport. The people who handled me and my carer were so unfriendly and they treated us like we were a burden that they couldn’t wait to get us off their hands!!

South Africa was a bit better but I still had the excellent service in Cyprus to compare to and THERE IS NO COMPARISON!!

I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you, in particular Ms Sophie Christofidou – she validates what true customer service is and all members of your team are an absolute credit to you and your company.

You should all be very proud of your service to people who are also members of society and you all make the supreme effort to maintain this ethos.

Once again, I can only say Congratulations on a brilliant service and I know you will always be the BEST in your field!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would really appreciate it if we could have it printed in the Cyprus Mail or any other publications.

Our other web sites

your one stop website:

Wheelchair adapted transfers/excursions:


From the first email correspondence we had with Chris enquiring about equipment rental airport transfers I felt reassured that someone knew the importance of having the correct equipment. Both arrival departure transfers were seamless. couldn’t have asked for better service! My husband rented a shower commode, this was waiting for us in our hotel room upon arrival. Unfortunately when he came to use it, it wasn’t quite suitable so a call to Chris was all it took for a replacement to be brought the following morning. No hassle, no quibble. The services that Chris his staff provide are second to none. every holiday resort needs this service, not just Paphos. To a disabled person it is imperative that they are able to travel freely independently and Chris addresses this perfectly! Bravo!!

Thank you again

I would like to say thank you for providing a scooter for my mother from 22 September to 11 October 2010 . The scooter was delivered to the Bougainvillea Apartments in Polis as requested and was also collected by you at the end of our stay. The scooter proved to be of invaluable assistance as it enabled my mother to more easily get out and about during the day and also to go up to the square in the

evenings for our evening meals. We wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again.

The James family, 2 able-bodied and Adrian in a wheelchair. An excellent holiday starting from the time the booking was done via Chris (excellent communication) on the Internet. Have plenty of confidence in Andreas, who did a superb job of transporting us all from Paphos airport to Polis and back in a specially adapted vehicle. He was extremely friendly, and a mine of information, informing us that there was little he could not do within his department in the family-run business. On arrival at Eva’s Apartments we were made to feel most welcome initially by Chris and his mother Eva and soon after by the remainder of this lovely Cypriot family, not forgetting Kumar who was always around and so helpful in every way

I would like to say a big thanks to yourself, Andreas Hurula (excuse spelling) for making our holiday in Cyprus so straightforward and enjoyable. I am a C3 quadriplegic on full-time ventilation and my requirements are not straightforward, however your excellent transportation service, electric hoist hire and overall provision of service was excellent, I was also very impressed by the quality of the actual equipment and transport. Although disabled as mentioned I am very active and your company and family managed to provide a great transportation service (often at very short notice) to get me everywhere from the water park in Paphos to Coral Bay and beyond. I would highly recommend your company and look forward to meeting you all again on our next visit Cyprus

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with the efficiency of your company. Andreas picked us up from the airport and took us to Kefalos Beach Village giving us lots of useful information on the way. We hadn’t been sure whether to hire a scooter or not but on arrival decided to do so and Andreas delivered it to us the next morning. It made such a difference to our holiday. We then arranged an excursion with Andreas and he took so much care to make sure he met our needs and we had a wonderful day

We would like to thank you for yet another year of great service from both your company and your family, d elivery collection of the electric scooter was stress free made such a difference to our holiday.

Thank you again, we look forward to booking with you in future years.

Mrs Hannah Elliott (on Behalf of Mr Mrs Rosser) May 2009 Coral Beach Hotel, Coral Bay

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