Nov 7 2019

Rent a 7, 9, 12 or 15 Passenger Conversion Van, conversion van rentals.

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Rent a Van

Conversion rental vans are vehicles that are practical, versatile, comfortable, and economical for families or larger groups. They have plenty of room for comfort and storage space. Conversion rental vans come equipped with many amenities such as entertainment systems, raised roofs, and AWD. Van Conversions or Luxury Vans, as they are sometimes called, are made on Chevrolet, GMC, or Ford chassis with 1500, 2500, or 3500 ratings. Conversion vans are the best travel vans out there!

Producers of conversion van rentals take a top-ranked Ford, Chevy, or GMC van and customize it to your specifications. They are comparable to full-size SUVs, minivans, and full-size sedans in terms of handling, but have more room for everything, including amazing custom features. Conversion passenger vans are great when you are traveling with a large group because you can all travel together, not in separate cars, and you can make sure that your children will never be bored!

Features are what makes conversion vans. Some of the features include LCD hi-definition TVs with surround sound and wireless headsets, game system hookups and dvd hookups. Everyone would enjoy a trip in one of our flat screen tv vans! Or, you can choose the interior: walnut wood d cor, large power moon roofs, leather vans, cloth vans and electrically heated seats. GPS Navigation, XM radio, or even a power rear sofa that lets itself down so you can have additional storage or a place to nap are also features that may be found in these vans. Comfort is what conversion van rentals are made for. The roof can also be raised to add more room in the van. We have high top vans and low roof vans. Most manufacturers offer a wide selection of fabrics, carpeting, wall coverings, window treatments and trim to customize the interior design.

Conversion van rentals meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards, as you would expect. They meet all of the new standards for anchorage systems for all child car seats. The tires meet specific strength, endurance, and high speed performance requirements. Conversion vans include additional spare tires, head restraints for neck protection in rear end collisions, crash protection, high quality seat belts (materials and anchorage) and meet all burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartments of the vehicles. Conversion vans offer 4-wheel Antilock Breaks and driver- and front-side passenger air bags. They are no different from regular vans, just a bit larger so you can travel with your whole family or group.

These vans offer the comfort and luxury of home on the road. The fold-down third row allows passengers to turn the seat into a bed to lie down on. Kids will also enjoy the personal on-board entertainment systems to watch movies or play video games while they travel (no more are we there yet? !). Conversion vans also offer headphones and personal volume controls so that everyone can enjoy the ride. They are very easy to drive and have good visibility. They are also easy to park and economical to operate in comparison to motor homes. They drive more like a smaller van or SUV. Whatever vacation destination you choose, there is room for your luggage and equipment in a luxury conversion van. We have many Explorer vans and Regency vans available for your rental van needs!

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